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Lost City Golf Club: Private Golf Course in Atlantis, FL

"Located just south of a blue blazer and just north of a pair of flip flops"

Our private golf club hums with an incredible hospitality experience. Our eager and professionally-trained staff serves great food and ice-cold drinks. We offer golf club memberships to players across West Palm Beach, Wellington, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Atlantis, FL. Our 27 holes are meticulously maintained and landscaped (and accessible, as we have no tee times... and did we mention that you can walk at any time?)

But it's our friendly and active membership that really defines us. Our members share a passion for golf, the game of a lifetime. Contact us today and discover a golf course unlike any other. Lost City Golf is the place for women's golf, food, drinks, and more! See you on the greens!

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