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Dress Code and Other Information

Lost City Golf Club Guest Policy

The Lost City Golf Club is a guest friendly environment.  We have a few house rules set out below designed to preserve the traditions of the Club. All guests playing golf must check in with Pro Shop before their round


The Lost City Golf Club Dress Code applies both to the Club House and the outside golf club property and contributes to the decorum of the Club.  All members and their guests must be properly attired at all times while using the Club facilities.   Attire should be tailored, clean, neat, tidy, and in good taste. It is the responsibility of Club members to inform invited guests and family members about these standards before entering the premises to avoid embarrassing situations.  To ensure an enjoyable visit to Lost City, please review and observe the policies below:

 Men’s Golf Attire

  • Collared shirts, turtlenecks or mock turtleneck shirts with sleeves.
  • Shirts tucked in at all times.
  • Slacks or Shorts of Bermuda or Jamaica length, 3” or less above the knee.

 Women’s Golf Attire

  • Tops with a collar or sleeves or both.
  • Tops tucked in unless they are designed to be worn untucked (with a straight-finished hem)
  • Slacks, Capris, Shorts, Skorts, and Skirts no shorter than mid-thigh.

 Men in the Dining Room, Grill Room, and Bar

  • Casual: Golf attire
  • Country Club Casual: Collared dress shirt and slacks
  • Smart Casual: Jackets suggested
  • Formal: Jackets and Tie; suits optional
  • Black Tie: Tuxedos suggested.

 Women in the Dining Room, Grill Room, and Bar

  • Casual: Golf attire
  • Country Club Casual: Upscale/dress Slacks, Blouse, Skirt
  • Smart Casual: Cocktail dress, dinner suit or coordinating skirt/pants with dress top
  • Formal or Black Tie:  Long or Short Formal wear


  • Men’s hats must be worn bill forward on the golf course.  Men’s hats are not to be worn in the clubhouse.
  • Women may wear hats in the Bar and Grill Room at any time.  Hats for women are permitted in the Dining Room only after a golf event such as TGIF or Can-Am.

 At NO time are the following permitted for men or women:

Denim (other than white dress denim), spandex, cut-offs or tee shirts, sweatshirt or sweatpants, bicycle pants, cargo pants or shorts, mini skirts, bare midriffs, visible undergarments  (straps, waistbands), attire with a slogan or logo in bad taste, metal spiked golf shoes, bare feet.


While on Club grounds, cell phones, tablets, laptops and pagers etc., must be set to silent at all times unless required for emergency purpose.


Smoking is not permitted within any buildings of the Club.



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