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Welcome to Lost City, where the greens are more than just fairways – they're the backdrop for endless fun and cherished memories! Our jam-packed calendar showcases a variety of events tailored to suit every taste.

From fancy feasts to casual movie nights, BBQ extravaganzas, and live music, Lost City is the ultimate destination for non-stop entertainment. United by our love for golf and shared camaraderie, our community bonds grow stronger with each event.

Mondays at Lost City provide the perfect opportunity to not only enjoy dinner but also compare notes on your golf game with friends, meet new members, or arrange games (whether golf, bridge or poker) for the week. You can begin your evening at the lively bar, transition into a delightful dinner, and end your night with a refreshing nightcap back at the bar.

But the fun doesn't stop there – Thursdays are all about our Nine & Dine special! Hit the links for a lively nine-hole scramble, followed by drinks and delicious dinner. Non-golfers and social butterflies are welcome to join the post-game festivities!

At Lost City, golf is just the tip of the iceberg. Join us as we tee off, dine, and revel in the company of friends both old and new!

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