Membership Categories

Lost City Golf Club Membership Options

Our Full Golf Membership offers unlimited access to our golf course and clubhouse facilities.

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Social Membership offers limited golfing privileges upon payment of a fee and unlimited use of our clubhouse facilities

Our Limited Play Membership is designed for non-Florida residents with business commitments or other recreational interests such as skiing or travel, who want a great place to golf while they are in Florida

Important facts

All our memberships are individual. A single golfer pays only for one individual golf membership. If just one member of a couple plays golf, then you pay only for one individual golf and one individual social membership. This structure offers considerable savings compared with most other private clubs in South Florida, which offer family memberships that usually are priced based on two or more golfing members.

You don’t have to live here to belong here. Unlike many other private clubs in South Florida, you don’t need to live in our gated community to belong to our club. If you prefer to live on the ocean, or near the action in Delray Beach or West Palm Beach, that’s great.

We welcome younger players. Affordable memberships are available for golfers who are at the beginning, or in the midst of, their careers. And, since we are dedicated to building the game of golf, we offer reasonably priced junior memberships for children of golf and social members who are under 22.

We offer trial memberships. We want to get to know you, and we hope you want to get to know us. We offer “welcome” memberships that you let you test-drive the Club for a month or two without paying an initiation fee. We think it says a lot about our Club that many of our “welcome members” converted to full membership!

Note: Lost City Golf Club reserves the right to limit the number of memberships available in discounted membership categories.